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Warranty Information

We know you are going to love your Mad Katz Rods for years to come. However, should a rod fail you while fishing, we want you to know we stand behind our rods 100%, with a lifetime Warranty. 


Free full replacement for 1 year after original purchase, if broken while fishing, just pay to ship your original rod back to us.


After the first year and a lifetime after, if a rod should fail while fishing, pay to ship your rod back to us and receive 50% off the purchase of a new rod. 


Need to file a warranty claim? Get started by emailing


Mad Katz accepts returns up to 90 days after original purchase for 50% back.


For wholesale inquiries please email or call us at (980) 833-2550

Retailers please log-in HERE


We are excited to get your new Mad Katz gear into your hands! Our staff works 6 days a week ensuring shipments are sent out as fast as possible. We aim to have any order you place received within 5 days. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, carriers may be unable to fulfill all shipments on time. We will work closely on all shipments to provide tracking numbers and up to date information. 

Our rods are solid 1-piece construction, which requires a tube 8' tall and packaging material. Thank you for your understanding as we work hard to keep shipping costs low. 


Mad Katz State Record Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.

1. Must be one of the following three catfish species.

a. Channel Catfish

b. Blue Catfish

c. Flathead Catfish

2. Only eligible in the US and for US citizens.

3. Must be caught using a Mad Katz rod.

4. Must be wearing an eligible piece of Mad Katz attire (see examples below) when the fish is caught and for official promotional photos. Attire must be sold by Mad Katz. 3rd party attire does not qualify.

a. Official Mad Katz Hat, Beanie, or head covering.

b. Official Mad Katz Shirt, Jersey, Hoodie, or similar attire.

5. Eligible fish must be state certified within 48 hours of catching.

6. State certified fish must be safely released back into the waters if it was caught from. Any fish that is not safely released will automatically disqualify participant. Mad Katz reserves the right to determine if eligible fish was safely released. Mad Katz may request a video of release if an official Mad Katz member is unavailable to attend the certification and release.

7. All participants will be required to take a polygraph test. Mad Katz reserves the right to determine what questions will be on all polygraph test. Any participant that is determined to give any false information will be disqualified from the program.

8. Mad Katz reserves the right to terminate the state record rewards program at any time.

9. Mad Katz reserves the right to terminate a rewards contract with a participant at their discretion.

10. All participants will be required to sign an agreement between themselves and Mad Katz granting full use of their name and any photos involving state record fish and themselves for promotional purposes.

11. Mad Katz will require a signed agreement between participant and Mad Katz stating that the participant agrees (but is not limited) to the following rules.

12. Only fish caught in public waters are eligible. Participant will be disqualified if fish is caught in private waters or waters that are not legally accessible to the general public.  Examples of private waters are, but not limited to; private ponds, Stocked ponds within city, state, or national park systems, fish hatcheries, or waters that are restricted to public use.

Wholesale Policy
State Record Rewards Program
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